Truly an eventful week

During the Entrepreneurship Week (12th – 16th October) organised by E-CLIC Rogaland, Stavanger in Norway became a true meeting place for up to 150 participants: students, entrepreneurs and businesses. Lectures, presentations, seminars and workshops were held by international experts, local government representatives and academic teachers.

The event took place at the University of Stavanger and it was arranged mainly by the NettOpp staff but also by Ipark.

The idea of the Entrepreneurship Week was to discuss topics from the sphere of innovation and entrepreneurship. The programme was addressed to students first of all but it was also opened for everybody who was interested. The areas covered during seminars and workshops were truly diversified: from making an EU project budget, through emerging Web 2.0 services to establishing new businesses in Russia.

On Monday the first speech was given by the principal of the University of Stavanger, Aslaug Mikkelsen. Then for the rest of the day, as well as on Tuesday, it continued with several lectures and preparatory introductions aimed at student work.

On Wednesday many presentations were held by support organizations to new companies, as well as presentations held by many new companies located in Ipark. Wednesday had also the highest number of attendants. -There were many cross institutional discussions which took place in the breaks between the lectures, tells Professor Jan Frick from the University of Stavanger.
Thursday started with lectures and then most of the participants went for company visits while the E-CLIC steering committee had a meeting. Friday started with lectures and ended with students’ groups presenting their work. -We got very good feedback for the whole week, both from E-CLIC partners, local students, and local companies, underlines Professor Jan Frick.

Most of the lectures were recorded and if their authors agree, they shall be published on the
E-CLIC website.

-As a representative of the local E-CLIC organizers, I am very pleased with the week. As leader of Workpackage 2 in the E-CLIC project, I am also very satisfied with the number of project deliverables fulfilled as part of the week, Professor Jan Frick sums up.

Link to lectures and presentations

You can now access presentations, slides and material from the lectures given at Entrepreneurship Week. Link will open in new window.

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