Short glimpse of E-CLIC:

E-CLIC aims to build on the acknowledged strengths of the NSR and create opportunities to stimulate SMEs, research institutions and public administrations to work together transnationally. Through collaboration and knowledge exchange, E-CLIC also aims to generate human capital for the NSR.

Main Objective

The main objective of the project is to build a strong NSR cluster in the area of broadband services, media technology, broadband systems, usability and testing. Important – while doing so – is to maintain a balance between competencies, industry and academia.


The project has a duration from September 2008 until August 2011.

E-CLIC Partners

The consortium brings together 16 partners from six member states. E-CLIC combines a unique set of partner skills.

Work Packages Within E-CLIC

WP1 – Project Management & Dissemination

WP2 – Regional & Transnational Collaboration & Development

WP3 – Services Development

WP4 – Content Production

WP5 – Broadband access

WP6 – Evaluation, Validation & Exploitation

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