CeBIT 2010

Hannover, Germany 2-6 March 2010

To improve student exchanges in the E-CLIC project, a common task was assigned to students during the CeBIT Trade Fair Conference in Hannover. Twenty-eight participating students were divided into four international teams, to find business ideas in the field of innovation and ICT.

The team assignment’s aim was to research a field of interest at CeBIT and find out all about the latest innovations within that field. Based on these innovations, a new product or business idea that uses as many aspects of the E-CLIC subjects as possible was then to be developed. This was carried out with success, and the students came back with brilliant cases based on new technologies seen at CeBIT. The four
teams wrote reports on their findings,in the establishment of a communication platform,, where students can easily connect to each other and discuss their assignments. This will be used for all further student exchange activities.

Student Experience at CeBIT

Two students from E-CLIC Värmland, Ewelina Helmersson and Mollin Widegren, visited the Ce- BIT fair. This is their experience: – Our involvement in the E-CLIC project has been really useful to us. It was a new experience and we learned how to work fast and how to come up and these product or business ideas
are described in Case Studies in ECLIC’s different work packages. The student involvement at CeBIT resulted with new concepts in a group during a time limit. It was very exciting to see so many cultures gathered under the same roof thanks to their common interests in ICT. We made new friends and contacts with other E-CLIC students, and we learned how to cooperate and communicate with people from other countries in Europe. It was very rewarding, and a great exercise. It is also an important reference in our curriculums.

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