Interactive pdfs: E-learning at the University of Stavanger

Nettop, the department for e-learning at the University of Stavanger, is producing media rich interactive pdfs as part of their digital learning resources catalogue. The bachelor in nursing at the Institute for Health Studies is one of the first subjects currently benefiting from this initiative. To download and read the paper about it please visit:

 Interactive pdf include text like a normal document, but contain added embedded features. The objects are easily produced in Acrobat CS4 Indesign and Flash programs, with no additional programming. Adobe Reader is utilised as browser, which in turn has many interactive features.

 Interactive pdfs provide a bridge between traditional books and digital e-learning tools:

–         Sound

–         Film

–        Animation

–         Interactive tasks & games

–         All the tools of adobe Reader

–         Download for use on or offline

–         Save and print out locally

–         Tracking possible via SCORM online

–         Podcast version with sound & image

 Some advantages of Adobe Reader:

–         Numerous ways to navigate the document

–         Numerous viewing options

–         Add your own personalised notes and comments, highlight or mark text

–         Save, print or share (if copyright agreements allow sharing of content)

 In short:

–         Caters to many different learning styles

–         Quick & easy to use

–         Personalise your copy

–         Flexible- learn at your own pace, repeats as often as you like. Skip to target areas

–         Get an overview- ties in with curriculum but doesn’t replace it

–         Supports teacher- student contact & saves time

–         Prepare, revise, play or use during lectures

–         Download the podcast version to listen to on-the-go

For more information contact Atle Lokken ( or Joanne Kleppe (

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