Day #1 – The Studios, Kortrijk, Belgium

Day 1.

The alarm was set at 6h because at 6h20 the local Belgian radio station Radio 2 was going to call for an interview about EclicRoadtrip. What a perfect start for our first day. Well, not so much. I really can be a morning person as long as that particular morning is a continuation from the night before. This one wasn’t. I pretty much was on autopilot the entire 2-minute interview. In spite of my snoozing brain, I apparently managed to get some semi-good quotes in there about Eclic. I must be a lucky bastard.

Shooting the ‘short’ video at the Monday-market in Kortrijk, took a little longer than expected, as did the editing part. Thanks again to Dorine, The KoffieQueen, for letting us use her mobile coffee bar Marcel for our day one teaser video.

Later in the afternoon, we interviewed Christel De Maeyer, project manager at The Studios, the business accelerator of howest University College of West Flanders. We apologise again for using her as our guinea pig, but we had to test out all our equipment on someone.

The rest of the afternoon was just one of those editing — lights testing — cable searching — connector fetching — time consuming – email sending — Monday afternoons. In between all that, we also helped out the howest journalism alumni Björn Vromant with his behind the scenes video. Luckily, there is no link to be found for that video, yet.

What did we learn today:

  • A flat battery is a bad battery! (Try to score other batteries)
  • Editing a daily ‘short’ video is definitely off the list as of day 2 (point, shoot and upload)
  • ♪♫ He says all the right things at exactly the right time ♪♫ is just a line fromEverything You Want by Vertical Horizon. (Being an actor is hard!)

T minus 1 day before we start our 4500km journey, and I’m feeling good!

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