24-Hour Competition

The exhausted participants in the 24-hour event

An initiative that has been proved successful is the 24-Hour competition. The concept is a development competition in which participants have to solve a task set by a company. 24-Hour competitions are a good way of enabling people to meet in a creative environment; the employees and developers of the future can get to know representatives of e.g. the industry, and providers of education in technological subjects have the opportunity to demonstrate that their education lead to careers with exciting prospects. The ambition with the competition is to show that cross-border collaboration and co-operation is a good investment for the future.

On 6 December at 14.00, ten existed students from four different E-CLIC partners were gathered in Karlstad Conference and Culture Centre to take part in the E-CLIC 24-Hour competition. Taking part in the 24-Hour competition meant that the students were dedicated to their team and the conference centre for 24 hours. Some of the students had never met before and were now placed into three teams that were going to compete against each other the next coming 24-hours. Their task, set by Bergvik shopping mall, was to develop an app for smartphones, which customers in the mall could use. Bergvik shopping mall is located on the outskirts of Karlstad. Sixty stores and eleven cafés/restaurants are placed in the mall. In 2008, Bergvik was appointed “the mall of the year” by the newspaper Market.

The E-CLIC 24-Hour teams consisted of:

Team 1
Sebastian Hinrichsen, Jade Hochschule (Germany)
Jonathan Vestin, Karlstad University (Sweden)
Karl-Johan Ladekvist, Karlstad University (Sweden) 

Team 2
Lukas Fink, Jade Hochschule (Germany)
Kristoffer Niklasson, Karlstad University (Sweden)
Joakim Carlsson, Karlstad University (Sweden) 

Team 3
Quinten De Corte, Howest University College (Belgium)
Fatemeh Saadatmand, Borås University-College (Sweden)
Robin Cox, Howest University College (Belgium)
Petra Lundström, Karlstad University (Sweden)

All teams took the competition very serious and started directly to form their graphical and technical ideas and solutions. Food, coffee, candy, snacks, fruits, water and soft drinks etc. was available during 24 hours. Some of the student’s slept a few hours during the night, others stayed awaked. 7 December at 8.30 in the morning the participants of the E-CLIC final conference started to arrive to the conference centre, hence they could see the students working. Although not all were awake… At lunch time all teams felt ready and satisfied with their development and everyone started to practice on their presentations. The teams’ results were presented at 14.00 to the audience and a jury at the E-CLIC final conference. 24 hours of competition was now over.

Both the audience and the jury were very impressed of the teams’ results and all teams had something that the Bergvik shopping mall felt they could use. After the jury had their consultation the winning team was presented; team 3. Their idea was well developed and had several smart solutions that the mall found useful.

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