Summing Up E-CLIC Wilhelmshaven

After more than 3 years of work in Wilhelmshaven many results have been produced:

12 Case Studies, 7 Prototypes/Manuals, two reviews and a brochure will be completed by the end of the project.

The case studies deal with different topics. Some of them have to do with the necessary infrastructure for broadband access, here are their titles

“Analysis of accessibility to broadband in the Weser-Ems-District”,

“A model of the broadband supplies to internet in rural areas  in the weser-ems-district”,

“Examination of transferability to regions of the Weser-Ems-District”

“Broadband access via Ethernet”

Other case studies focus on providing new services that are possible when broadband access is available. The following titles show the work on different fields:

“Feasibility study of an open source E-Government-Application”

“Implementation study of an open source E-Government-Application”,

“Developing an AIS-Antenna system”

“Implementation study of Mobile Services for Destination Management”

“Development and Construction of an AIS Receiving Equipment in SDR Technology Using the Broadband Net”

Some Content has also been produced during the project, here the titles of the case studies:

“Using second life as an eLearning platform”

There have also some prototypes been developed and documented. For some of them exists also a manual:

Prototype and manual for SecVoIP,

prototype and manual for the eGovernment platform,

prototype for AIS-Antenna System,

prototype for AIS-Display,

prototype for Second Life presence of E-Clic,

prototype for E-CLIC A/D Converter Board,

Some reviews have been written for the “Wikipilot” of Groningen and the “Second Life project meeting”. Last but not least a brochure about the outcome of the E-CLIC-project in Wilhelmshaven has been published with the main results of the project.

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