About E-CLIC

The overall aim of the the E-CLIC project is to establish eight E-CLIC Centres across the North Sea Region. The focus of the centres is collaboration and innovation in the field of broadband media services.

Map of our E-CLIC CentresWhy focus on broadband media services?

  • Broadband access is essential to the prosperity and future development of Europe’s rural regions.
  • Broadband media services are a prerequisite for effective business and a must for the growth of jobs on which regional economies depend.
  • Broadband internet services are among the fastest growing sectors in the worldwide economy.
  • Internet services themselves are a way of improving quality of life.

E-CLIC for Students

  • High quality education
  • Assessment and assistance
  • Participating in top projects
  • Close connection to companies and industry

E-CLIC for Institutions

  • Extra benefit to attract students
  • Keeping up to date
  • Collaboration with public sector
  • Public relations
  • Transnational collaboration

E-CLIC for Companies

  • Scouting employees
  • Involvement in new developments
  • Useful instrument for own developments
  • Public Relations
  • Competence development
  • Transnational contacts
  • Private – public partnership
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