E-CLIC Consortium

The E-CLIC consortium is established with the main objective of building a strong NSR cluster in the area of broadband services, media technology, broadband systems, usability and testing, while maintaining a balance between competencies, industry and academia.

The consortium brings together 15 partners from six member states.

The partners have considerable expertise and experience in the fields of interest to E-CLIC, and the project combines a unique set of partner skills. Hence, only in close co-operation can the E-CLIC Centres meet the objectives.

Work Packages Within E-CLIC

WP1 – Project Management & Dissemination

WP2 – Regional & Transnational Collaboration & Development

WP3 – Services Development

WP4 – Content Production

WP5 – Broadband access

WP6 – Evaluation, Validation & Exploitation

See documentation under Case Studies and Reports

Working partners of E-CLIC

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