E-CLIC Hannover

E-CLIC Hannover key focus areas are Multimedia content and services for World Wide Web, IPTV and smartphones, Media network and the LivingLab Hannover.

Life in Planet
What we do in E-CLIC

Create a new environment for media business in Lower Saxony with the involvement of E-CLIC partners.

Establishment of a LivingLab Hannover for science, development and technological transfer: „Planet MID“
(ancient Expo pavilion of Bertelsmann AG).

Conception and establishment of an institution to realize a regional network: “Creative Cluster Industries”

Rethink the production of multimedia content for the World Wide Web, IPTV and smartphones.

Developing new services according on the evolution of web 2.0 e.g. in the field of eHealth.

Areas of expertise

  • Information systems in medicine.
  • Applied Informatics and New Media.
  • Interactive media and New Media Prototyping.
  • Corporate audiovisuals and TV.

Participating partners

University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover and Initiative D21.


Centre Leader Prof. Martin Traub

Map and directions to centre

[googleMap name=”E-CLIC Hannover” description=” University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Hannover” width=”450″ height=”350″ mousewheel=”false” directions_to=”false”]Ricklinger Stadweg 118,30459 Hannover GERMANY[/googleMap]

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