E-CLIC Rogaland

Key focus areas of the centre are: deployment and provisioning of broadband services and content, including gaming in learning and technical media, and business research and incubators.

The University of Stavanger

E-CLIC Rogaland is meant to be a physical and virtual meeting place for talented students, young entrepreneurs, renowned business developers and innovative and leading companies.

It aims to boost innovation by providing an enabling, inspiring, and business-driven high-tech environment for these talented, ambitious and creative persons in the realm of new internet and broadband applications, high performance networks, service grids as well as of media business and gaming. These market sectors offer great opportunities to creativity and high quality initiatives. The E-CLIC Rogaland office is located at Ipark together with the incubator services.

What we do in E-CLIC:

E-CLIC Rogaland was established in 2009. An office for the activities was created and “E-CLIC Entrepreneurship week”, was successfully arranged in October same year. The main focus is to investigate possibilities related to new broadband technologies.

This includes:

  • ”Interactive PDF”: Flash technology embedded into Adobe PDF files, making ordinary PDF documents able to include animations etc.
  • Investigation of distribution by ”iTunes University” and other distribution platforms, including tests of podcasting in e-learning.
  • ”Webcast system ” :Enable lecture caption in classroom integrating video-recording of lectures and powerpoints.
  • ”Archiving old media material”: Media productions and clips from last century being archived for easy reuse by researcher all over the world.
  • Development of a complete bachelor study in nurse education by utilising the mixture of new media.
  • Development of utilising Television production to distribute research result i.e. research “stand-up”- presentations. This is done low cost on the spot, and later shown on Norwegian national television (NRK), and also distributed on “iTunes University”.

The upcoming focus of E-CLIC Rogaland for the 2010-2011 is to merge into entrepreneurship. This includes establishment of revised education structure and cooperation with “Centre for Entrepreneurship” and “Start UiS” (student organisation promoting entrepreneurship). A house on campus is dedicated to entrepreneurship students and related presentations. This also includes agreements with the new “MAGMA geopark” (UNESCO approved, http://www.magmageopark.com ) where students develop plans and productions. The geopark needs new infrastructure, e-learning setup, presentations, etc. Students located at MAGMA will communicate with University/ E-CLIC , “Student entrepreneurship house”, etc. by internet tools

Areas of expertise

  • Television Studios
  • Media Research
  • Technical Engineering
  • Business Research and Education
  • Innovation research and Education
  • Nettop Multimedia Development Centre
  • Student Entrepreneurship Centre
  • Incubator for new companies
  • CIAM (Centre For Industrial Asset Management)

Participating partners

University of Stavanger with NettOp software development department, Business School at University of Stavanger, and CIAM, Centre for Industrial Asset Management,

iPark, Innovation Park Stavanger (incubator for new companies, now 140 companies with 600 employees) and

RKK, Rogaland Training and Education Centre (providing vocational training and continuing education in courses to companies and people worldwide).


Centre Leader Professor Jan Frick, University of Stavanger.

Map and directions to centre

[googleMap name=”E-CLIC Rogaland” description=”University of Stavanger” width=”450″ height=”350″ mousewheel=”false” directions_to=”false”]Kjell Arholms gate 41 4036 Stavanger Norge[/googleMap]

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