E-CLIC Wilhelmshaven

Key focus areas of the centre are: Content Production, Service development and Infrastructural enhancement.

What we do in E-CLIC

  • Communication platform on basis SecondLife (3d-presence on the educational island „Eduversa“, virtuelle meetings, presentations, internet and virtual world).
  • Information- and identification systems (e.g. software defined radio).
  • New and/or improved broadband access (wireless city in cooperation with Hanzehogeschool Groningen, hot spots in rural environment, topological representation of the WEB (Weser-Ems-Bezirk) for untroubled radio wave propagation, ethernet for the first mile).
  • Business case for fiber optic networks.

Areas of expertise

  • Second Life – The centre has a project part that deals with the possibilities of Second Life and other comparable platforms.
  • eGovernment – Another part of the project is developing an eGovernment solution for one of the departments in the university, using broadband access possibilities.
  • Aeronautics. A third part of the project concerns the usage of broadband access for identification purposes in aeronautics.
  • infrastructure In several components of the project we strive to enhance the regional accessibility of broadband for local residents.
  • Destination Management.

Last but not least, E-CLIC Wilhelmshaven also has a project component about destination management, which focuses on new possibilities regarding services for business and pleasure tourists.

Participating partners

Jade University of Applied Sciences



Centre Leader Dr Juliane Benra

Map and directions to centre

[googleMap name=”E-CLIC Wilhelmshaven” description=”Jade University of Applied Sciences” width=”450″ height=”350″ mousewheel=”false” directions_to=”false”] Elsfleth Friedrich-Paffrath-Straße 101, 26389 Wilhelmshaven GERMANY[/googleMap]

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