Contact E-CLIC Centres

E-CLIC Värmland: Anna Brunström, Karlstad University

E-CLIC Borås: Olov Forsgren, University College of Borås

E-CLIC Hannover: Martin Traub, University of Applied Science of Hannover

E-CLIC Wilhelmshaven: Juliane Benra, Jade University of Applied Science of Oldenburg, Wilhelmshaven and Elsflet

E-CLIC Groningen: Angelica Kaus, University of Groningen

E-CLIC Kortrijk: Christel De Mayer, Howest, Department PIH

E-CLIC Norfolk: Jamie Warren, EPIC-TV, Norfolk County Council

E-CLIC Rogaland: Jan Frick, University of Stavanger

Contacts for Work packages

WP1: Responsible partner: County Administrative Board of Värmland, WP-leader: Katarina Nordmark,

WP 2: Responsible centre: E-CLIC Rogaland, WP-leader: Jan Frick,University of Stavanger,

WP 3: Responsible centre: E-CLIC Groningen, WP-leader: Theo Miljoen, Hanze University,

WP 4: Responsible centre: E-CLIC Norfolk, WP-leader: Jamie Warren, EPIC-TV,

WP 5: Responsible centre: E-CLIC Värmland, WP-leader: Andreas Kassler, Karlstad University,

WP 6: Responsible centre: E-CLIC, WP-leader: Tim Brauckmueller,University of A. S., Hannover/atene-KOM,

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